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Rehoming Cats

Adopting a kitten or cat means a commitment of at least 15-20 years. We often find that when people say they need to find a new home for their cat, the underlying problems are ones that are easily solved. Please read through our tips below to see if a few simple changes could make a difference. But if you do find yourself in a situation that requires that you find a new home for your companion, please do the right thing and put in the effort to find your friend a good home. Abandoning or dumping pet cats - even in places where it is known someone is feeding cats - is cruel and illegal. Feral cats were born into that lifestyle and know how to survive, dumped and abandoned pet cats become confused, depressed, frightened, and likely won't survive.

Below is a list of solutions to some of the reasons owners give for needing to rehome a pet followed by steps you can take to ensure your pet gets a new home if there are no other alternatives.

Behavior Solutions

Spraying, Marking, Inappropriate Urination



Not Getting Along with Other Pets



Aggressive Behavior






Excessive Shedding



No Time for a Pet?



Extenuating Circumstances (Domestic violence, military deployment, term overseas, sick family member…)



Finding a Home

Your companion deserves a good home, and you will need to put in a little time and effort to find one. Please make an effort before you consider taking your pet to the local shelter - you may only have to re-home one animal in your lifetime, while the hard-working people at your local shelter spend day after day trying to find homes for too many unwanted cats. If you do need to take your cat to a shelter, explore the alternatives in your area to see if there are no-kill shelter options by visiting

Abandoning or dumping a pet cat is NEVER an acceptable alternative. Dumped and abandoned pet cats become confused, depressed, frightened, and likely will die of starvation.



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